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We’re here to help throughout, which is why we include a free estimate with all our work. Allowing for proper home improvement services with professional, experienced customer service. Although we’re not licensed, we do have a complete referral network of professionals which allows us to direct you in the right direction if we can’t help with the actual project.

Even though we’re not licensed, we do have an expert lead team of experienced craftsmen that have experience in the following.

Our Expertise Focused Services:
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Flooring Installation
  • Drywall Repair
  • Landscaping
  • Painting, both Exterior & Interior
  • Window & Door Installation

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Have Any Questions? We're Here to Help!

Cabinet Installation –

Looking to rejuvenize your kitchen? We’re here to help! With our extremely professional team that can help you throughout, from the initial consultation where we can help pick the right cabinet styling that best suits your taste as well as budget. 

We not only help with picking the right cabinet but also help with the actual installation of the cabinets. Backsplashes are also another project we can help throughout with which also helps to bring a whole new life into your kitchen and/or overall room.

Flooring Installation –

When it comes to flooring, it’s truly crucial that you choose a proper expert that’ll actually help you choose the proper material for your flooring project. Our expert lead team are here for any questions you may have as well as with our free estimate included with expert advice on what material might be best considering the traffic, use and overall area of your room for the flooring project (if inside or outdoors).

Painting –

(Both Interior & Exterior)

Painting can be tedious which why we highly recommend hiring an expert for the specific craft, our teams are divided thoroughly to keep things seamless and smooth from start to finish of the project. Not only do our expert painters allow for great quality craftsmanship but our project managers allow for our timelines to be short while keeping our rates as affordable as possible!  

Window & Door Installation –

Although door and window installation can be done with a DIY project, yet our expert team allow for an overall professional and great customer service which allow for tight properly kept timelines as well as affordable pricing with the peace of mind you get with quality craftsmanship.

Landscaping –

Your yard, either front or back, leaves a huge impression on your home. From the front yard is the first impression your family and friends get coming to your home to your backyard that might be more functionality centered for your pets, kids, ect… with things like playgrounds, walkways, above ground pool, or even more!

Our expert lead contracting team has experience with botany which helps in bringing insight into what plants might be best for placement or even combination sets to bring more life into your yard. Home Improvers Pro can also help provide insight on above ground pool installation or playgrounds which not only change the aesthetics of your yard but also bring a different level of funcionality as well.

Drywall Repair –

When it comes to drywall repair things can get quite complex which helps in making us work with quality craftsmanship, affordable as well as work efficiently, and complete the repair in a timely and tidy manner, all while taking the time to make sure your home doesn’t turn into just another job site.

We use a dust-free joint compound. While it may take a little longer to dry than a quick-set spackle, it allows us to hand sand the repair, nearly eliminating any airborne dust particles. So while this process may take a little longer, Home Improvers Pro knows you don’t want your home to be treated like a construction site. The cleanliness of your home always takes precedence with us.