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Our difference is our professionalism, organization, expert-leadership as well as our obsession with proper craftsmanship. Our craftsmanship is directly correlated to our reputation, getting the project done right is crucial for taking care of each of our clients. We take pride in our work and the one on one relationships we earn with each client.

Finding a company to help you with your remodeling and home improvements can be a very demeaning task. You need someone you can trust. You need someone who is not going to try to upsell you and increase your budget. You need someone who can share your vision and realize what your goals are…

Call us today at (904) 373-7155 for a Complimentary consultation to discuss your vision and goals– from repairs around the house to remodeling and home improvements – together we will find out what it takes to achieve your dreams and create YOUR masterpiece! We work with you every step of the way.

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What is included with a free remodeling estimate?

Our free remodeling estimates include a detailed written scope of work. At times, when necessary or when requested, we will provide renderings for you to view what your remodel will look like upon completion. Renderings look like a picture of your home and are a likeness of what your remodel will look like so you can visualize the space to be remodeled.

Will I need to pay for a design agreement?

Most kitchen and bathroom remodels are contracted without a design agreement. Design agreements are most typically used for major renovations of multiple rooms (such as a whole house remodel) or home addition projects.

How much will my construction and remodeling project cost?

Projects vary widely depending on your needs and budget. Our representatives visit with you to better understand your home remodeling needs. Home Improvements Pro we do more than give you a quote. We provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your home.


Our representatives take time to explain the details regarding your project. We answer all of your questions and explain our estimates for your home improvement project. There is no obligation. Give us some time to review your wish list and we will give you valuable information. We believe that an educated consumer is our best customer!